Laws of the Land

No Such Thing As A Clean Getaway

That escalated quickly....

July 17th, 2011
1:45 AM

Gunner and Felix make their stand on the room while Sam circles around to deal with Kathryn Shimizu; meanwhile, John Crow is inventing new traffic laws to break as he tries to beat the clock and get the pack out of harms’ way.

When all is said and done, ten employees of Shimizu Security Solutions are dead – most slaughtered on the rooftop, but a few look to have been thrown out of a second story window and broke their fall (and necks) on a fence below. The pack has taken Kathryn Shimizu prisoner, but not before relieving her of the burden of having a left hand and the silver bracelet upon it. The squall spirit fettered in the bracelet has been released from its conditioning as Watcher Number Three, and it has departed with the zephyr spirit to find more watchers and their charges.

As the sun comes up after a long night, Felix and Gunner sleep the sleep of the just, visions of Glory dancing in their heads. Sam sends a message to the Alder Woman asking for help dealing with Jack’s conditioning, and John Crow has finished dismantling the last of the Shimizu Security vehicles and scattering the parts amongst a dozen rural scrapyards.



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