Laws of the Land

Session Eight

props to Zach for writing this up!

While travelling down Route 55, Sam is caught in some rough weather, which gets even rougher when he gets caught in a tug-of-war type game between two tornado sized wind spirits. The rest of the clan are alerted to a disturbance in the Shroud by a messenger sent by the hawk spirit. The spirit is perturbed enough to demand protection of his own. On the way to helping the hawk get hid in a fetter, the Pack joins Sam’s troubles in time to keep him and the family that had stumbled into the fray from being turned into a PiƱata Colada. The Pack drops the family off at the hotel they’re using as a base and proceeds to the barn to pick up the hawk and put him into a wooden carving.

The gang summons up murder of crows to pick their brains as to what is going on, spirits-wise, to cause such a disturbance in the numina, and they respond with cagey generalities. It is discovered that Storm Shouters have eyes on the assembled, and the pack gets the drop on them with a combination of a long story and a sudden flash of light providing surprisingly good punctuation. The crows give name to force behind the assaults across the Shroud, the Court of the Great Wind Serpent.

Consulting with an old tree residing outside the city of Rockford, the Pack encounters one of the many Packs that are more well-wishers, in that they don’t wish Ungoliant any specific harm. They also encounter the tree which seems to know something about the situation at hand, if only it hadn’t forgotten. The Pack eventually finds out that there’s a pact between the Men on the Land and the Spirits of the Sky, and the Wind Serpent Court feels that Man has overstepped its bounds. The lynchpin seems to be the new electric windmills, or rather the ones that have been technomagically altered to fuck with Air Spirits. After retrieving a damaged blade from one of the mystic turbines and loading it on the tow truck, the Pack is ambushed by human hunters who knew exactly what they were gunning for: Werewolves. The humans are packing silver, but are soon put down, with one lone survivor taken to the nearest hospital in the hopes that he can be followed to the rest of his hunter friends.



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