Laws of the Land

Star-crossed Lovers

The pack is asked to play matchbreaker

Pack Ungoliant went to The Primals’s territory to attempt to negotiate an amicable parting between Three Strikes and the wolf-blooded girl Jackie. While the semblance of negotiations took place with the alpha, Sam used his newfound ability to peer into hopes, secrets, and fears to suss out some possible leverage against Three Strikes. He uncovered that he was worried most about dealings his pack was having with a Pure tribe on the other side of the river coming to light. So far, Sam has kept this under his hat for fear of the repercussions such a revelation would have. Besides, he knows that how unhealthy it can be for the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. Fortunately, another way out was found: a suitable substitute mate would satisfy the honor of the Primals and Three Strikes.

After the meeting, Sam and Felix paid a visit to Jackie to determine what she wanted out of this exchange. She wanted Three Strikes out of her life because she wanted to cut all ties with her drug-tainted past. Sam floated the idea of entering a mystically-backed form of ‘witness protection’, but she was put off the notion of abandoning her grandmother, the only other living family she has left in the world. While Sam revealed more of the strangeness that awaits someone entering the Lunar society, he also tipped his hand a bit to Felix as to the type of strange connections Sam has at his disposal.



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