Laws of the Land

The Most Dangerous Game

The Gun Show

Sam continues his search for Al, gunsmith for hunters, in Kankakee, along with Gunner and Asshole. After having a limited amount of luck with the pawn shops in the previous session, he searches out the local watering holes and discovers a photo with Al in it with the owner of the establishment. Sadly, the owner hasn’t heard from him going on 6 years, when Al’s place burnt down and he went missing. Meanwhile, Gunner’s cover as a man looking for a ‘clean’ gun yields a name of a seller that can help him out, along with a code phrase to use when approaching them at the upcoming gun show in Indiana on the other side of the border.

At the gun show itself, Sam approached the shady gun dealer’s booth only to discover the target himself, Al. Sam’s backup was spotted by the keen senses of the target, but he was able to reassure Al to a limited extent. After weaving a story involving the surviving hunter, Al backed up his natural skepticism with unnatural mental assault. Sam countered with Intimidation, using the nightmare fuel of his time over the Hedge as source material. Al backed off and agreed to meet in a state park the next day to receive payment in exchange for money.

The gang hatched a scheme where the pack would ambush Sam and Al together to continue the ruse and attempt to get more info from the Hunter using bad cop/good confederate. This plan changed when Al showed up at the meet ready to blow, literally, with a backpack full of explosives and a detonator reading both vitals and proximity. When the grab team sprung into action, Al sprinted after throwing a flash bang, but Sam was able to wrest the backpack off him and throw it a safe distance, enabling the rest of the pack to grab Al and throw him into the van. They have effected their escape, and have the hunter in custody, and are in a good position to interrogate him, even with Sam’s cover blown. However, like the dog who has caught the car, the question is what to do with him…



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