John Crow

John Crow is the Cahlith singer of Ungoliant's pack. He is an Iron Master and a master mechanic and blacksmith.


Bigger than big, taller than tall,
Quicker than quick, stronger than strong.
Ready to fight for right, against wrong.

John’s three main weapons are fear and surprise.

John’s Gifts: Know Name, Ruin, Nightfall


John Crow is a grandson of a werewolf who was the singer of his pack, his father, a squib, was a mechanic, and John is the best of both worlds. As an Iron Master, John is in love with both of those worlds, wolf and muggle. John loves fast cars and faster women, and he’s not too picky about a fixer upper either. He likes work on cars or craft weapons all day and howl at the moon all night, preferably in direwolf form to the gibbous moon.

John is always spoiling for a real fight, big game or supernatural extermination, but he sees little value in squabbling with the goyam as they are too weak most of the time to be worth the bother. That said, if someone or something raises his hackles enough than all bets are off, thankfully his fuse is twice as long and burns twice as slow as Gunnar’s, otherwise the pack would get in much more trouble than it does.

As a Cahlith, John is ever ready to be the heart of his pack, to back his brothers play, to raise their fighting spirit, and pick them up while they are down. John is ever ready to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, sometimes literally, all for the glory of his pack and his people. And after all that… John will sing the story of their victory not just to the pack, but to the world, the heavens above, and all the places between, so that all will know the glory of UNGOLIANT!

John Crow

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