Red Evan (Evan Campbell)

Alpha of the Golden Hounds, lynchpin of the werewolfs of Illinois


Born Evan Campbell of Morrison, Illinois in 1954. Recruited by UIC in the early 1970s as a running back, Evan’s dreams of a life of fame and glory radically shifted when he underwent the first Change in summer of 1971. Werewolves (or so his alpha said) don’t play football, and so Red Evan reluctantly traveled with his pack across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for the next decade.

All that changed when the uratha turned on each other in the mid-80s during what became known as the Bretheren War. Evan was the only survivor of a brutal ambush, and spent much of the war fighting for survival and gathering similarly cast-off survivors under his banner. When all was said and done, he was alpha of the Golden Hounds, and won a decisive battle that ended the Bretheren War in Illinois. The Golden Hounds would be the final uratha authority in the state for the next twenty years.

Red Evan (Evan Campbell)

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