Laws of the Land

No Such Thing As A Clean Getaway
That escalated quickly....

July 17th, 2011
1:45 AM

Gunner and Felix make their stand on the room while Sam circles around to deal with Kathryn Shimizu; meanwhile, John Crow is inventing new traffic laws to break as he tries to beat the clock and get the pack out of harms’ way.

When all is said and done, ten employees of Shimizu Security Solutions are dead – most slaughtered on the rooftop, but a few look to have been thrown out of a second story window and broke their fall (and necks) on a fence below. The pack has taken Kathryn Shimizu prisoner, but not before relieving her of the burden of having a left hand and the silver bracelet upon it. The squall spirit fettered in the bracelet has been released from its conditioning as Watcher Number Three, and it has departed with the zephyr spirit to find more watchers and their charges.

As the sun comes up after a long night, Felix and Gunner sleep the sleep of the just, visions of Glory dancing in their heads. Sam sends a message to the Alder Woman asking for help dealing with Jack’s conditioning, and John Crow has finished dismantling the last of the Shimizu Security vehicles and scattering the parts amongst a dozen rural scrapyards.

In which the pack takes a law firm, turns it upside down, and shakes it vigorously and sees what falls out

July 16th, 2011

The pack splits up – Gunner, John Crow, and Felix go to loot the law firm while Sam Height enlists the aid of his new spirit ally to find the other Watchers and their charges.

Road trip!
The pack travels to Chicago, and manages not to kill each other in the process

July 7th, 2011 – July 8th, 2011

Totally not a kidnapping
The pack learns what they can from the mother of a monster

July 7th, 2011

No place like Homewood

July 5th, 2011 – July 7th, 2011

A match....made

June 26th 2011 through July 4th 2011

Star-crossed Lovers
The pack is asked to play matchbreaker

Pack Ungoliant went to The Primals’s territory to attempt to negotiate an amicable parting between Three Strikes and the wolf-blooded girl Jackie. While the semblance of negotiations took place with the alpha, Sam used his newfound ability to peer into hopes, secrets, and fears to suss out some possible leverage against Three Strikes. He uncovered that he was worried most about dealings his pack was having with a Pure tribe on the other side of the river coming to light. So far, Sam has kept this under his hat for fear of the repercussions such a revelation would have. Besides, he knows that how unhealthy it can be for the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. Fortunately, another way out was found: a suitable substitute mate would satisfy the honor of the Primals and Three Strikes.

After the meeting, Sam and Felix paid a visit to Jackie to determine what she wanted out of this exchange. She wanted Three Strikes out of her life because she wanted to cut all ties with her drug-tainted past. Sam floated the idea of entering a mystically-backed form of ‘witness protection’, but she was put off the notion of abandoning her grandmother, the only other living family she has left in the world. While Sam revealed more of the strangeness that awaits someone entering the Lunar society, he also tipped his hand a bit to Felix as to the type of strange connections Sam has at his disposal.

The Most Dangerous Game
The Gun Show

Sam continues his search for Al, gunsmith for hunters, in Kankakee, along with Gunner and Asshole. After having a limited amount of luck with the pawn shops in the previous session, he searches out the local watering holes and discovers a photo with Al in it with the owner of the establishment. Sadly, the owner hasn’t heard from him going on 6 years, when Al’s place burnt down and he went missing. Meanwhile, Gunner’s cover as a man looking for a ‘clean’ gun yields a name of a seller that can help him out, along with a code phrase to use when approaching them at the upcoming gun show in Indiana on the other side of the border.

At the gun show itself, Sam approached the shady gun dealer’s booth only to discover the target himself, Al. Sam’s backup was spotted by the keen senses of the target, but he was able to reassure Al to a limited extent. After weaving a story involving the surviving hunter, Al backed up his natural skepticism with unnatural mental assault. Sam countered with Intimidation, using the nightmare fuel of his time over the Hedge as source material. Al backed off and agreed to meet in a state park the next day to receive payment in exchange for money.

The gang hatched a scheme where the pack would ambush Sam and Al together to continue the ruse and attempt to get more info from the Hunter using bad cop/good confederate. This plan changed when Al showed up at the meet ready to blow, literally, with a backpack full of explosives and a detonator reading both vitals and proximity. When the grab team sprung into action, Al sprinted after throwing a flash bang, but Sam was able to wrest the backpack off him and throw it a safe distance, enabling the rest of the pack to grab Al and throw him into the van. They have effected their escape, and have the hunter in custody, and are in a good position to interrogate him, even with Sam’s cover blown. However, like the dog who has caught the car, the question is what to do with him…

Session Eight

props to Zach for writing this up!

While travelling down Route 55, Sam is caught in some rough weather, which gets even rougher when he gets caught in a tug-of-war type game between two tornado sized wind spirits. The rest of the clan are alerted to a disturbance in the Shroud by a messenger sent by the hawk spirit. The spirit is perturbed enough to demand protection of his own. On the way to helping the hawk get hid in a fetter, the Pack joins Sam’s troubles in time to keep him and the family that had stumbled into the fray from being turned into a PiƱata Colada. The Pack drops the family off at the hotel they’re using as a base and proceeds to the barn to pick up the hawk and put him into a wooden carving.

The gang summons up murder of crows to pick their brains as to what is going on, spirits-wise, to cause such a disturbance in the numina, and they respond with cagey generalities. It is discovered that Storm Shouters have eyes on the assembled, and the pack gets the drop on them with a combination of a long story and a sudden flash of light providing surprisingly good punctuation. The crows give name to force behind the assaults across the Shroud, the Court of the Great Wind Serpent.

Consulting with an old tree residing outside the city of Rockford, the Pack encounters one of the many Packs that are more well-wishers, in that they don’t wish Ungoliant any specific harm. They also encounter the tree which seems to know something about the situation at hand, if only it hadn’t forgotten. The Pack eventually finds out that there’s a pact between the Men on the Land and the Spirits of the Sky, and the Wind Serpent Court feels that Man has overstepped its bounds. The lynchpin seems to be the new electric windmills, or rather the ones that have been technomagically altered to fuck with Air Spirits. After retrieving a damaged blade from one of the mystic turbines and loading it on the tow truck, the Pack is ambushed by human hunters who knew exactly what they were gunning for: Werewolves. The humans are packing silver, but are soon put down, with one lone survivor taken to the nearest hospital in the hopes that he can be followed to the rest of his hunter friends.

Session Six
Cleanup on aisle three

The combined packs of Ongoliant and the Islandeers launch the assault on Mister Savings. Gunner leads the strike from the rooftop entrance, but is ambushed by not just another werewolf, but one packing a shotgun loaded with silver slugs. He falls from the ladder he was descending, and is engulfed by Death Rage as he tears into his foe….

Samuel and Asshole run the frontal strike, and Asshole’s proves to be capable with a gun as he dispatches numerous humanform Sziraku while Samuel makes a rare display of his shapeshifting abilities and fights in Urshul form. River backs them up and eventually shreds a hybridform locust host which was waiting in ambush behind the deli counter.

Felix and John Crow lead the rear guard assaulting from the loading dock, and have a lot on their hands when they enter the stocking area to find Gunner raging out of control, and two werewolves leading the Sziraku swarm. John Crow almost meets his end trapped in the monsterous jaws of an Urhan-form, but tears its throat out even as he was about to be eaten himself. Gunner flails about, his normal fighting prowess somehow suppressed by the fury within. Eventually he succumbs to his wounds and flees in terror, but the sight of the full moon burning down on him from the night sky rekindles his rage and he charges back into the fray. Both werewolf and locust hosts are slain by the packs, and Gunner is subdued before he manages to harm any of his bretheren.

Having cleared out the hideout, the packs look for what clues they can find. Samuel discovers a makeshift shrine to Bhalphegor, Maeljin prince of Gluttony; which can only mean that their opposition were Bale Hounds, werewolves who have forsaken their connection to Luna in favor to service to one of the great Evils Incarnate of the places beyond Shadow. The swarm’s search pattern is also mapped out on a map of Peoria they find – each night the circle grows bigger as the swarm expands from the bounty of the night before. However, they can find no additional clues as to what the “orphan’s crop” is. The bodies are disposed of and the pack leaves for the night.

Two days later, local news reports that it was a hoax all along. Local self-appointed activist Ethan d’Angelo haltingly reads a statement to the press after turning himself in, confessing to sneaking into fields at night to stage the “blight” patches as a way of drawing attention to the supposed unethical practices of the major agribusiness firms.


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