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August 1981 – Brethren War ends across North America. Red Evan and the Golden Hounds are left standing as the strongest pack in Illinois.
October 5, 2010 – Golden Hounds and Orphans drive out The Thing In The Fields. Wind Reader and Stone Aaron die in the assault, Smiling Todd is crippled.
March 10, 2011Laws of the Land begins.
March 12, 2011 – Red Evan calls the local packs together for a moot. Drops something of a bombshell.


Golden Hounds

The Hounds were initially thrown together by circumstance, the youngest members of several packs that were slaughtered in the first terrible ambushes of the Bretheren War. When the dust cleared, five Uratha remained and claimed much of central Illinois as their territory – a claim they have been able to defend for two decades.

The Golden Hounds follow the totem of Lion, King of Beasts.

Red Evan (Evan Campbell), Storm Lord Elodoth
Endless Night Sky (Kyle Edgars), Hunter in Darkness Rahu
Smiling John (John Edgars), Storm Lord Cahalith
Wind Reader (Steve Buell), Hunter in Darkness Ithaeur deceased
Stone Aaron (Aaron Rockwell), Blood Talon Irraka deceased


The Primals hold most of the territory in Western Illinois, up to the Mississippi River. They are Uratha traditionalists, and try to stay out of politics.

Faster Than Sight, Hunter in Darkness Full Moon (alpha)
Three Strikes, Hunter in Darkness Half Moon
Warden, Blood Talon Crescent Moon
Last Word, Blood Talon Gibbous Moon
Action Before Thought, Hunter in Darkness New Moon

The Primals follow the totem of Brown Bear.

First String

A group of twenty-something young men, all from nearby parts of northern Illinois. Generally seen wearing high school letterman’s jackets or football garb.

Longarm (J.D. MacGowan), Blood Talon Gibbous Moon (alpha)
Nickel (Forrest Kane), Blood Talon New Moon
Hail Mary (Mariah Winters), Bone Shadow Half Moon
Pack member 4
Pack member 5
Pat MacGowan, Longarm’s grandfather (wolf-blooded)

First String’s totem is Mountain Lion.


A trio of Iron Masters make up Islanders, although they’re generally looked down upon and just called the “city pack”. They have the territory that no one else wants – the urban interior of Peoria.

Allnighter (Craig Allen), Iron Master Full Moon (alpha)
River (Rachel Woods), Iron Master Crescent Moon
Trouble (Charlie Engels), Iron Master Gibbous Moon

The Islanders follow Alley Cat.

Livingston County Hunt Club

Generally known as the Hunt Club, this pack has been a fixture in the wilds east of Peoria for longer than the Golden Hounds have existed.

Ten Point (Rob Mitchell), Storm Lord Gibbous Moon (alpha)
One Eye Shut (Caitlyn Cooper), Blood Talon Crescent Moon
Pack member 3
Pack member 4
Pack member 5
Pack member 6

Livingston County Hunt Club’s totem is Proud Buck.


The Plainsmen are the newest pack to hold territory in central Illinois. Prior to 2006, the dominant pack south of Peoria was Lincoln’s Brigade, but that pack had an internal falling out and could not stand up to the challenge of the Plainsmen when they were accused of Failure To Hunt.

Victor With The Dawn (Sam Honeycutt), Iron Master Half Moon (alpha)
Gilded Death (Taylor Honeycutt), Iron Master Gibbous Moon
Last Place You Look (Shayna Thorpe), Bone Shadow New Moon
Pack member 4

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